about QB.

Welcome to QuietBiblio!

My name is Chelsea, the creator of QuietBiblio. A ‘personal journal’ of an introvert where I talk a lot about life and it’s nuances and books I’ve enjoyed. 

I am a 24-year-old graduate student in Library and Information Sciences program who has a deep love for coffee and books. If I’m not working on coursework for my grad program or actually at work, you can find me tucked up in my blankets with a book or watching some YouTube videos. 

I like to think of myself as a collector of sorts. I collect books, which only about 10% ever get read, music currently listening to some playlist on Spotify, and stationery. I am also a lover of languages and self-learning Korean and Japanese. If I could go back to school I would get a degree in linguistics. 

I am dabbling in a lot as I try to learn more about myself and what I like or don’t like. And on this blog is where I will share some of that with you. 

I am always happy to hear from you! Whether it’s a recommendation for a book, music, or even a TV show, feel free to contact me though my contact form here!

Thanks for hanging out!