about QB.

Welcome to QuietBiblio!

I am Chelsea, the creator and author of QuietBiblio.

QuietBiblio was created to be a safe space to talk about what interests me. Be it life’s little nuances, good books I’ve read or new anime’s/manga I’ve enjoyed.

I am a recent graduate (April 2020) of a Library and Information Science masters program who has a deep love and passion for learning and sharing information. Now that I have graduated I have a lot more free time on my hands. (When I am not looking for Jobs or working at my current position that is.)

I spend most of my free time now learning new hobbies and spending time with my friends. Still working on learning Korean but now I am working with a friend so it’s a lot more fun. I like to dabble and learn and enjoy things and quite a bit of that I will try to share here with you.

And I am always happy to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to send me a message through my contact form or drop a comment sharing your thoughts on a post.

Thanks for hanging out!


My current posting schedule is:

Mondays: New Anime/Manga related content.

Wednesdays: New Lifestyle related content.

Alternating Thursdays & Fridays: New to Me series.

Saturdays: New Book Reviews.