Un-Go – anime review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

It took me a while to finish this one if I’m honest. Partially because things kept popping up that stopped me from watching it. And partially because I just didn’t want it to end.

‘Un-Go’ is a mystery, sci-fi, supernatural anime from Bones Studio that aired in 2011. The anime has 11 episodes. There is one movie that is a prequel to the events of the series. I watched it subbed. And I have yet to watch the movie.

In an aftermath of an alternative war-torn Tokyo, Shinjuurou Yuuki a detective better known as “The Defeated Detective” and his partner (and “boss”) Inga solve mysteries where the true answers never come to light. We learn very little about how this partnership came to be in the anime series, but most of that is revealed in the prequel movie. And usually, this is something that bothers me, however, in this case, I don’t think hurts the show. I was captivated by each episode and didn’t question things that were mentioned but never explained.

I liked that there seemed to be a slow build up over the duration of the series that ended in a huge explosion and a surpising end. Which I love.

As for the characters I loved the begrudging acceptance/hate relationship between Shinjuurou and Inga. I was really excited to see how Inga’s devouring souls would work and holy hell I loved the transformation and the visuals of it all. It was magnificent. Beyond that, each individual mystery was unique in my opinion and I enjoyed them. So much so that it took me weeks instead of a day or two to finish it just because I just didn’t want it to end.

The side characters were good as well. I was understandably annoyed with Rinroku Kaishou and Izumi Koyama and their strict attitude and willingness to hide the truth to better suit them. But I loved that Kaishou’s daughter, Rie, started asking her own questions and wanted to learn the truth no matter how ugly it could be. And did seem genuine in her disappointment in her fathers action and business in so many cover-ups.

For the record Inga is my favorite character in this show. Both version but especially the adult female version of Inga. I mean have you seen her?! Stunning, magnificent, deadly. Wow. Simply wow.

Overall I really enjoyed this anime. And the ending which was not expected at all was such a good way to end it. It wasn’t disappointing as many single season animes can be. I hope that maybe one day there will be a second season but I know that that is not likely. But a lass can dream.

Thanks for hanging out!