slice of life anime reviews- part 2

The long awaited part 2 for my slice of life anime reviews is finally here! I will admit I was distracted by other series even though I had this one planned the longest.

Tamako Market

Rating: 3 out of 5.

12 Episodes Sub / Dub

‘Tamako Market’ is a cute slice of life, comedy anime from 2013. The series is centered on Tamako Kitashirakawa, the daughter of a mochi shop owner and her day to day life as a first year high school student. She spends most of her time with her friends, baton club, or dreaming up new ways to create custom mochi’s that her traditionalist dad always shoots down. The start of the show is set off with a bang as a tropical, magical, talking bird stumbles into their lives and decides to stay. The series is only 12 episodes long, short and sweet and I watched it subbed.

At first glance I thought this anime was going to be really cute and light and fun. And to a certain point is it. But then it becomes… a little much. Some parts were so over the top and past slice-of-life that it felt like it was just dumped into the show. The characters were cute and my favorite was Kanna Makino, one of Tamako’s best friends. Her neutral expressions but deep passionate love for fixing things and measuring things makes her very interesting to me. There was a small hint of romance but nothing really happens with it besides it getting brought up a few different times. I will say the most annoying part of the series is the talking bird Dera. Like that thing annoyed the hell out of me. And sort of the main reason I was just like ‘eh’ when it came to this series.

My thoughts

Hanasaku Iroha

Rating: 3 out of 5.

26 Episodes Sub / Dub

‘Hanasaku Iroha’ is a shonen manga from 2010-2012 with five volumes before turning into an anime in 2011. The season has 26 episodes and I watched it subbed. The series is focused on Ohana Matsumae a 16 year old living in Tokyo with her single mother before being dumped on her estranged grandmother at her hot springs inn when her mother does a runner with her boyfriend.

There was a lot more angst than I originally anticipated when I picked this one. Which would not have been that much of an issue to deal with had this one not had so much other things that made it not interesting for me. It was kind of a let down for me and maybe that was my own fault for expecting something different than what it was but I did end up deciding to not finish it because I was just genuinely not interesting in finishing it. I didn’t like how everyone seemed to despise Ohana right from the get-go. For no apparent reason. Like she is a young girl from the city who is used to being self-dependent and she doesn’t come as rude or mean. She’s just a kid and everyone has their opinion or thought and it was just an instant turn off for me. Like I get that not every person is gonna like her but for no reason. Oh well. This one was just not for me.

And this is it for part two of slice of life animes. Maybe I will give these a shot later on down the road but for now this is where they stand. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments down below!