new to me~ The Kindaichi Case Files

Hello all! Today I am introducing a new series that will take over my alternating Thursday/Friday posts which I am calling ‘new to me’ where I will talk about (primarily) manga series that are new to me. Each week will highlight a series that I have recently discovered for the first time. Some of these will be recommendations from friends, some may be ones I found randomly from perusing the shelves of my local library. I like to just explore the shelves when I have time. Let’s get into it!

Today’s new to me manga is ‘The Kindaichi Case Files’ a mystery series from the early 90s that has over 80 volumes to date. The series is set around Kindaichi Hajime a seemingly lazy, unmotivated high school student who in reality has an IQ of 180 and extreme deductive skills. He is the grandson of the renowned detective, Kindaichi Kosuke. He is usually accompanied by his childhood friend Nanase Miyuki who is the exact opposite of Kindaichi. She is the student council president and model student. Add in a devoted homicide detective, Kenmochi, you have a cast of characters ready for any mystery.

I was amused by their clashing personalities and how Miyuki looks out for Kindaichi when it comes to school and his academics. And on the flip side, Kindaichi looks out for and protects Miyuki whenever danger arises and threatens them.

The mysteries of each volume features a gruesome murder. Sometimes two or more. And they are complex, intricate murder cases. I have only read two volumes so far, but I was shocked at the unexpected twists and revelations. And the motives behind the crimes are not the more common ones like from psychopathic reasons so money alone.

I am really excited to keep reading the series! As a mystery fan, I was intrigued when my friend shared this series with me. And it didn’t disappoint.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Have you read ‘The Kindaichi Case Files’? Let me know in the comments below. Have any manga recommendations? Feel free to share it with me!