Petshop of Horrors Volumes 2 & 3- Quick Review

Hello all!

I am back this week with another quick review on this new to me manga series I am reading. Since I didn’t do one last week it seemed only fair to do two this week. This is a quick review meaning I don’t go into many details and I try not to give to much away. I personally don’t mind spoilers but I know that some do.

Volume 2

Back with four more standalone stories and four more ‘exotic’ creatures from the pet shop. Even though the stories are standalone I love how the hesitant friendship forms between D and Leon within each story. Like he still so suspicious of him but he can’t help but to visit and dare I say enjoy his company. This volume features a dragon, a lucky cat, a big ass fish, and a weird dream Leon has that D visits in. I still really am enjoying the series and I enjoy that as the series progresses we get more of an inside look into D’s personality and we learn more about him. Slowly but surely.

Volume 3

Same as before four more standalone stories. This time a pretty bird, a dog, missing kids, and a teddy bear? I freaking love how I am constantly surprised by what is happening and I never know what is going to happen next. But I am also noticing that within every story there is a lesson to be learned that the characters are sometimes brutally taught. But there are legit lessons tucked in. it also feels as if we are getting more of a sneak peek into what really happens behind the closed doors of the pet shop. It’s so fascinating.

This is the first series that I read that is in the horror genre and I am very satisfied with it. It’s not too gruesome and it’s not too docile. It’s a really great balance that I am devouring as quickly as I can. I think this would be a great first step into the horror genre and you should definitely give it a chance.

Have a great day!