romance animes reviews & recommendations- part 2

Hello all! Here we are with part 2 of romance animes. This time one old one and one new to me. I don’t always like the romance animes just because they always seem so over the top and obnoxious. But thankfully they’re not all like that. And these two are not like that.

Say I Love You

Rating: 4 out of 5.

13 Episodes Sub / Dub

‘Say I Love You’ is a shojo romance series with the manga originally running from 2007 to 2017 and the anime in 2013 with 13 episodes and 1 OVA. I really like this series because while it is similar to every other high school romance it’s also not. The series is centered around Mei, a lonely high schooler who is convinced that having friends it burdensome and not worth it. She is very cautious in every interaction because of past bullying experiences. But then she has a run-in with Yamato, the most popular boy in her year, and her life is changed forever.

And yeah, they do fall in love. But it is gradual, it doesn’t happen overnight. There isn’t some huge transformation of Mei from shy and introverted to glammed up and outgoing. It is slow and filled with angst. Honestly, so much angst. All the time, angst. But it really helped move the plot along. Added more depth to it all. Plus the series isn’t focused solely on the budding relationship between Mei and Yamato, but also Mei’s developing friendships with others around them. Like Asami and Aiko. This anime/manga does a great job looking at friendships and relationships and how they progress from high school and beyond. The manga obviously goes further than the anime but I recommend that you enjoy both.

Irozuku Sekai No Ashita Kara

Rating: 4 out of 5.

13 Episodes Sub / Dub

This one is new to me anime. Originally running in 201, the 13 episode series is mainly generated as time travel but there is a romance heavy aspect to it as well, which is why I am including it in this series. The series focuses on Hitomi, a colorblind girl descendent from a family of witches who is sent back in time by her grandmother to live with her past self. There she meets not only her 17-year-old grandmother but a group of strangers who become friends and tries to figure out so many things. Why her grandmother sent her back, why she can’t see color but also how to get back.

This anime is also very sad. Like heavy sad. Every time I thought it couldn’t get more sad it does. I thought it was interesting, the fact that Hitomi is colorblind. And whenever we see the world through her eyes it is so shocking. The reason I included this one in the romance genre is that there is one thing Hitomi can see in full color. And that is the artwork of Yutio. His work she can see in color. And only his. And of course, this causes them to sort of fall into each other. Eventually, they find a way to send Hitomi back to her time but she doesn’t too and why would she, she found a boy she liked and others who she liked to be around. I don’t want to spoil some of the best bits of this anime. It has so much more then I’ve talked about. Definitely give it a look!

End of Part 2!

And that is it for this post. Part 2 of romance animes done! These ones each had some heavier topics in the background and were a little heavier on the angst factor but I hope you enjoy this one nonetheless. Let me know what you think in the comments below!