my quirks about reading

Hello~ Today I wanted to talk about the quirks of reading. More specifically, mine. Just little things I have noticed I do when I read over the years or ones that I have developed over time. Everyone has their own preferences about what they read, how they read, and so on. And these are mine!

I will judge a book by its cover.

But I won’t ever be cruel about it. I know this one will get me a lot of crap, but I have my reasons. There are obvious exceptions to this one too. Classics don’t really apply because I don’t think cover art was something they concerned themselves with. And any new copies of them are usually just patterned. And it’s not like I won’t take certain things into consideration. But if I am looking at a book that only has other comments on it and no summary or excerpt, my whole judgment will fall upon the cover. It is its’ one chance to sell me the story.

And sure, I may have different tastes than someone else that will lead me to like or disliking something different to you. But this is in no way me saying that the book is bad. I just am not interested in it. We all have our own tastes, which is perfectly okay! That’s good! Otherwise, life would be really boring wouldn’t it?

And even though I am making this statement I don’t solely place 100% of my judgment in the cover alone. Just to be clear.

I won’t force myself to finish a book…

…Most of the time.

If the book can’t keep me hooked within the first 50-100 pages I won’t force myself to read it. I usually feel really really bad when this happens. And it’s not the author’s fault (sometimes), just… I do tend to be a little picky when it comes to what I read. Sometimes it happens because of me, personally. If I am not doing too well mentally, it can be really hard for me to get into a story. And since I don’t want that to influence my thoughts or opinions about the story itself, I will usually just not read it.

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No Audiobooks for me.

I love the idea of audiobooks, but I can’t enjoy them. Oh, how I have tried. I have been recommended so many different ones to try. And I just can’t do it. I think it really comes down to the fact that I have my own idea of what the voice should sound like and when it doesn’t match up perfectly I get… bummed. And another factor is that when I get stuck into a really good book I can read it really fast. But audiobooks don’t pick up speed with me. Maybe I could adjust the playback speed but that will just mess with the voices.

I started with a book I had already read which was probably not a good idea. And I even tried a whole new series by an author I had never read before. Twice. And I just couldn’t get through them. Either of them.

Print over E-book any day.

I will usually pick a print book over an e-book. Even though I have recently been reading quite a few e-books, I still prefer print. It is partially due to staring at a screen for too long makes my eyes hurt and I like holding a book in my hands.

But this one is one that I tend to go back and forth on. I will go through spurts where all I’ll read are e-books or other times its nothing but print. Really this just depends on what I’m feeling. But out of habit I will always say and choose a print over an e-book any day.

I hope you enjoyed todays post! Let me know what your reading habits are in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “my quirks about reading

  1. I have the same quirks! I’m definitely a cover judge, so it disappoints me when a book has a gorgeous cover and doesn’t live up to it. I’m also anti-audiobooks for the reason that I cannot pay attention to them. I’ve made a few exceptions, but they’re never my go-to for consuming books.


    1. Yes! That is exactly it. With audiobooks, my hands aren’t occupied with anything so I do other things then get distracted and then forget I’m supposed to be listening to the book.

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