you can be sad

With this pandemic going on and people struggling with finding ways to best handle and deal with it everything just feels heightened. Like everything is 100x zoomed in. Your skin is just that much more sensitive to touch. Everything is more. And not always in a good way.

Something I’ve seen a lot all over social media and heard from friends was how they are struggling with feeling down during this time. That their life is fine, maybe it’s not the best, but their life is fine but they feel sad. They feel down, sad, frustrated and stressed. But they don’t think they should feel that way. They tell themselves that they shouldn’t feel that way.

It’s called emotional invalidation. When your feelings or emotions are rejected or ignored. it’s upsetting and hurtful. It can be done by others and by yourself. You tell yourself, or someone else tells you that you should feel happy. That you shouldn’t be feeling sad for no reason.

You have every right to feel however you feel. I should know. I feel sad and stressed often enough to know that I am allowed to feel that way. It’s okay. Your feelings, your emotions are justified.

Before, during, and eventually after this stressful situation, how you feel matters. If you feel sad, feel sad. It’s okay to not be happy all the time. Validate your emotions.

here’s how:

  • Recognize and acknowledge how you are feeling. Are you happy, sad, angry, frustrated?
  • What is making you feel that way? Listen to what your brain and body are trying to tell you.
  • Find some way to ground yourself. Stay present with yourself. Meditate.
  • Learn the best ways to express your emotions. Some people are creative. They write, draw paint. Some people are move active. Go for a run, work out. Or if you a bit like me… get cozied up with some hot tea or coffee and hide away under some blankets for a few hours listening to a sad music playlist.

These are a few ways to help yourself but they can be adapted so you can help your friends if they start to invalidate their own emotions.

Be there for yourself and your friends. I think right now, we could all use it. I know this week’s post is a little shorter than normal but I am working on some other things and trying to find a balance and routine for my daily life waiting for work to start back up.

I hope you are all doing well and I’ll see you soon!