5 tips for learning a language for those like me who suck at learning a language

Well hello there. If you can’t tell by the title this is gonna be a post on some tips I have for learning a language. Now I have done previous posts on language learning and different tips or whatever in the past. And I thought since it has been a while since the last one, why not to an updated one in 2020. I also did a post where I talked about goals I wanted to set for myself in 2020 for language learning and well that totally went to crap so we’re here starting anew.

tip 1: follow a couple language study accounts

Now I really only recommend following accounts on Instagram or Tumblr (which I realize no one is fond of anymore but me). Because these are the two that I use the most and prefer. Obviously use whichever you prefer. The reason I recommend this tip is that 1) it’ll give you some inspiration and encouragement to pick up that language you’ve always wanted to learn. 2) If you are feeling a little lost on where to begin some accounts have FAQs or YouTube channels that may give you some tips on where to begin. Oh! Obviously, search YouTube for language channels. If you are a visual learner this can be helpful and will also help with listening comprehension.

tip 2: get a study buddy

I had this one on a previous post but I am saying it again cause I finally got a study buddy. It helps to keep each other accountable and makes it more fun for both of you. And when you start learning some basic terms or sentences you can start talking or texting to each other in your target language.

tip 3: grammar is hard but necessary

Grammar is the necessary evil to overcome in any language. Some are worse than others but there are ways you can deal with it. Something you can do when it feels like you are getting bogged down in the grammar is look up some fun vocab words. There are tons of premade vocab lists on Pinterest or Tumblr or just google them *Shout out to B for help on this one.

tip 4: listen, listen, listen

Listen to people speaking in your target language. You can do this by listening to music or TV shows in your target languages. If you watch YouTube channels in your language those will also help. It is important to familiarize yourself with how the language sounds in a normal conversation context. *Thank you again B for helping with this one.

tip 5: don’t give up

No matter how many times you start and stop. No matter how much you don’t think you’re progressing at all. No matter if someone else tells you “You shouldn’t waste your time with that language. You should learn this language.” Don’t give it up. Keep going. Even if you have to take a little time off. Don’t give up. Take your time to learn it. Unless you are preparing for a study abroad program and want to advance your placement before you leave, take your time. Enjoy your time learning the language.


Here are a few resources for some general language learning information I think you might find helpful. And a few websites you might want to check out.

  • Ultimate List of Language Learning Resources from Lindsey Does Languages.
    • Lindsey Does Languages has a plethora of other resources I highly highly recommend you go check out. That link will take you to her home page where you can find free and some paid resources and blog posts and a whole lot of information on language learning.
  • I Will Teach You A Language from Olly.
    • Olly offers resources in learning a number of languages for you to choose from. I really like he offers a guide for beginners for these languages. I recommend giving one a read if you are struggling to figure out where to begin. It is very detailed and well planned out.
  • LearnWithOliver
    • It offers a variety of different methods that help teach vocabulary. There is a paid version but you can get a lot within the free version.
  • Duolingo
    • I like Duolingo but not for every language. But it can be useful for learning vocabulary which is important for any language.
  • Memrise
    • This one can be very useful for vocab. A lot of textbooks or programs have vocabulary lists on the site that you can use to study.

at the end

At the end of it all, learning a language is hard. But with hard work and dedication, it is not impossible. And as difficult as it might be it can be so much fun! You get to learn more than just the language, you get to learn about the culture and history too. It is also so enriching and can create so much more depth in your life.

I hope this inspires you to pick up a new language. Let me know what languages you’re learning, what to learn or are intrigued about in the comments below! Let’s start a conversation.


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