the complete language of flowers- book review

Hello! How have you been doing in self-isolation and quarantine? I have been playing Animal Crossing for a few hours every day now and it is is the only thing keeping me sane.

If you’ve read the title then you know that I am finally doing a book review! Finally. It’s been quite a long time since my last one. I’m not so good at reading things that aren’t course related. But!! I bought The Complete Language of Flowers: A Definitive and Illustrated History by S. Theresa Dietz right before Amazon stopped shipping non-essential things. This is a book I have been wanting for years. And I was so excited to get my hands on it.

I love flowers and I love the language of flowers. It is a little side hobby/passion of mine that I don’t indulge enough in. So I finally broke down and decided I was going to get a book all about the language of flowers. I spent a solid 2 hours searching for the perfect one and I found that in this one.

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I really wanted one that had an extensive collection and that had more than just the basic rainbow of roses and carnations that many only covers. This one I felt was the most complete (the title does not lie) in the collection and in the information it provides.

It presents the flowers in alphabetical order and then with a number. Each entry starts with the scientific name and a little skull and crossbones are next to it if the plant is toxic. Then each one is followed by any common names or other scientific names it might have. And then! The fun stuff.

It lists the symbolic meanings, specific color meaning, spray, seed, branch,etc., possible powers, and finally, folklore and facts. Now not every single plant and every single one of those but each one is filled with as much as possible.

That was one of the reasons I was leaning towards this book in particular. It was unique compared to all the others in that it offered more than just the common name and meaning.

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Now that is what caught my eye, but what made this one the only option for me were the illustrations. They are, simply put, beautiful. Now the cover was pretty enough with that black background and white blooms. But when I got a peek inside. Well, shit. I lost it. The illustrations for the actual flowers and plants are amazing. And unlike other books, there are more illustrated plants than not.

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Thankfully there are two indexes in the back, the first one lists the flowers by their most common names and the second by the meaning. I have loved being able to just open to a random page and find out about something new. It truly has been a highlight of my day.

I hope you all are doing all right where ever you’re at or with who ever you might be stuck with!


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