self-isolation and staying busy

So it’s officially been a week since my work closed and I’ve been self-isolating. For those of you who don’t know I work at a public library and even though we had tried to stay open in some capacity to the public, it had been decided for the safety of the staff and patrons we would close for awhile.

In addition to that, I am still living at home (before hell broke loose and jump started the Apocalypse I was planning on moving out this early summer) with my parents and two siblings. It is a very crowded home right now. I am pretty much camping out in my room 24/7. And only leaving when I need to pee or to eat. And I try and make sure when I eat no one is in the kitchen when I do. Not that the environment has become hostile or anything. But I prefer it that way. It’s quieter and there is less chance for conflict lol.

And I realized that my post last week must have seemed really idiotic considering we’re all in self-isolation or quarantine. In my defense, I wrote that one back in the beginning of February and I didn’t know this was how everything was going to turn out.

So I thought I should create another post with more quarantine friendly ideas. And hopefully some ways to help you fight the boredom.

things to help in quarantine

On a side note, all this can be done outside of quarantine too.

  • Can’t go to the movies? Use Netflix party with your friends from the comfort of your own home!
  • Make cookies after you’ve disinfected your entire kitchen.
  • Read all the books you’ve been putting off.
  • Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons (It’s so freaking amazing!)
  • Try out some art things you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t.
  • Take a virtual tour of a zoo or museum! Check out this list to find the perfect one!
  • Breakout your Just Dance and have a dance-off with a sibling or by yourself.
  • Play your favorite video game from the start.
  • Do a puzzle.
  • Binge-watch all the try Guy videos.
  • Write a book!
  • Build a fort in your living room.
  • Do whatever the hell you want.

Whatever it is you decide to do, stay safe and be smart!


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