friend dates

Last week, I kinda went on a rambly post about dating and relationships and my own very limited experience. I orginally wanted to focus that post on the importance of friend dates, and spending quality time with friends and all that but I totally tangeted and didn’t.

So I am here again to try and sort that out. Cause I love having friend dates. I love hanging out with my friends and doing random anythings with them. Watching movies, baking, getting coffee and talking about the meaning of life. Anything.

Depending on who I am hanging out with depends on what we do. My best friend and I have two moods. The first, we’ll go out and do all the things. We’ll get food (that is a constant and for sure thing, we need our food) and we’ll go shopping or walk around downtown or something. The second, we’ll get comfy somewhere, turn on the tv and do absolutely nothing. And the only time we’ll talk to each other is when we are showing the other a funny pic or asking what we’re gonna eat next. And it is freaking great. I love it.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

And other friends it’s always breakfast or lunch where we catch up and just talk about everything that is going on. With others we eat (realizing how much of my life revolves around food and I am not mad about that) or get coffee and vent to each other or sit and do homework or projects together. And there is one friend who shares in my deep love and appreciation for BTS who I get together with to celebrate the release of their new album Map of the Soul: 7 (stream it on Spotify now) and we cry in her living room. That was a great day, made me very emotional. We’re going to Chicago this summer to see them on their tour and I am very excited and happy and still in disbelief that we manged to get tickets. So happy.

No matter what we do though, we’re spending time together and having fun. That’s whats important to me.

Photo by britt gaiser on Unsplash

what you can do on a friend date:

There are literally so many different things you can do on a friend date. Literally anything. No rules, unless created by yourselves. Just do it.

  • Get coffee
  • Go to the Zoo
  • Go to a museum
  • Go shopping
  • Take a hike and take crap tons of photos of each other
  • Go to the beach with a picnic
  • Go on a picnic!
  • Get sushi
  • If you’re students book a study room at your university library or local library (if they have them), get some snacks (pizza is always good) and drinks and camp out and work on course work together. Trust me it’s so worth it.
  • Go see a movie
  • Get together at someones house and camp out on the couches and do nothing allllllll day… just eat
  • Make cookies or brownies

So many options. So many. Literally so many things and I am probably forgetting your favorite thing but that’s ok just tell me in the comments down below.

Take care of your friends. They are important too. I feel so lucky to have the friends that I have. And I can’t wait to do more things with them.


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