~january check in~

I thought that something I would do to help keep me in check and accountable for my 2020 goals would to do monthly check ins. So, the end of every month I’ll have a post were I check in on my four goals for the year. And this does include if I failed epically or not or if I needed to change something.

  • Language Learning: So I didn’t really progress as much as I had initially hoped for. I really epically failed at this one. Don’t even want to admit to it, but here we are. I really need to start leaving my house so I can actually study.
  • Calorie Counting: This one was easy but hard at the same time. I have been able to maintain the calorie limit I gave myself, but I hate it. It just sucks this time around. I just want to eat anything and everything there is. I am hoping that I can start to add some other activity into my life. I really want to lose more weight then just watching what I eat will allow.
  • Be Happier: Alright. Listen. January has been a bit of a whirlwind of emotions for me. We had some BTS releases that made me super emotional in a good way. But then I had a car scare that made me emotional in a bad way. Overall I think I’d have to rate January a 7/10 on a happiness scale. Cause BTS also released concert dates and ticket sale day and I am prepared this year for it. It’s gonna be so so good. And I am so freaking excited.
  • Savings: Lol. I’m skipping this one this month.

That’s it for January. I am hoping February will be a better month for me. I am getting tickets for BTS the first week and there is an album release too. It’s gonna be so good. Happy wise at least. Money- wise… eh.

I hope the first month of 2020 treated you well! How have your resolutions been going?


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