~finding my space~

Finding a space to call your own is difficult. It’s not easy and it takes time. Sometimes a long time. And sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to find your space. That you won’t ever find that space to call your own.

Cause I am there. Or at least, I’ve been there. It’s kind of confusing for me right now. I still live at home, and I am turning 25 in just a few months. But, I am supposed to be moving out this coming summer, May-June time frame if all goes to plan.

And for now it feels as if I am just living in a borrowed space. Not trying to say that my parents or family are intentionally doing anything to make me feel this way, rather it just feels like it is time to move out. It’s time to move on. I don’t feel like I have a space anymore where I can be me. Where I can express myself in all different ways, I can decorate any way I’d like. I don’t have that really.

But I do, sort of. I have my own room where I can sort of decorate it how I want it. I just hung up purple string lights that have made such a huge difference. Like I am not joking, my room feels so different with those purple lights up. It’s so soft and calming to be in. I have pictures taped to the wall of my favorite things. I have little knick knacks spread throughout to remind me of fun times.

So I do have a space. My space. It’s just confined to one room in my entire house. And it is a rather small room at that. I don’t even have a closet right now. And that really sucks.

For now, I am making do with what I have. Trying to make the space work for me and even though the goal is to move out soon, I can still work to make the space work for me.

add lights

I did this by haning up string lights around my room to give it a soft glow. Fairy lights really do make a huge difference in a space. Warm light, cool light, actual twinkle lights. I think everyone should have some fairy/twinkle lights somewhere in their place. In the bedroom, in the living room or even an office.

add art

I have hung up pictures and photocards of my favorite Kpop members and some art from some amazing illustrators. I also have concert ticket stubs from my friends show. And I change these up every once in awhile just to keep it fresh and new.

So stick up some postcards, photocards, polaroids on a blank wall. Fill it up with whatever you like or want.

create a new space in the old space

This one might be tricky depending on what your space allows for, what you could even add or create but I think it is worth trying at least.

I created a reading nook on the floor next to my dresser. Which is just Rupert (my giant sloth stuffie), a pillow and a blanket so I can lean against the dresser. I don’t like reading at my desk or on my bed, so I really needed this space. And since I have been able to read books again, it’s been really nice to read in a ‘designated’ space.

make the space your own

Obviously, there will be some who have their own apartments, their own houses where they can make every space their own. They can decorate each room similarly or completly different from the other. And that is something that I can’t wait to do.

But for others, there is little wiggle room on what they can change. So doing something small or little like hanging up a picture or some lights can make a world of difference.


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