~2019 coming to an end~

It is going to be 2020 in just a day. I am fully expecting flapper dresses, speakeasies and swing music to make a comeback. Please, world don’t let me down. Not that I will probably ever wear a flapper dress or go to a speakeasy, but I can dream.

It is gonna be 2020 in just two days and I feel like 2019 just started a month ago. I sit and ask myself what the hell did I do with my life and of course, my brain goes: “Nothing, you did nothing at all. Just wasted it like you do.”

But I did so much this year! Literally, I did a lot of things.

I got a new car back in January. Her name is Betsy and she is precious. (She has auto locks and windows.) I got to see one of my closest friends perform in Pontiac in March. She’s in a band called A Year In New York. Give them a listen! They are really good!

Holy Shit… I saw BTS. Live. In-person. In Chicago. That was real. I was there. Damn. I miss them. That was such a surreal experience. And I am for sure going again when they go back on tour. This time we will definitely get a much better Airbnb. Not that the one we had was bad per say, but it wasn’t the best I’ve stayed in.

I started my second to last semester of grad school and in turn my practicum at a local museum. It’s been so much fun working there and getting the hands on experience I needed. I have loved every minute of it.

OH! Here’s a big one. How could I forget! I left my retail job. Over 6 years there it was finally time to go and I left. I can’t say I left when I really wanted to, but it was time. And it has been an adjustment. But a good one. A real good one.

It has been a really long year, even though it hasn’t always felt like it.

And while I still feel some anxiety about what next year will bring, my final semester of classes and starting my career, finding a job in my field. Ok I feel a lot of anxiety about this next year. I am also excited. Like I do feel some actual excitement.

I’m graduating next April? May? (I don’t actually know, I’m going to try and not walk if I can help it). I should be moving out of my parents house finally. I should be starting on the next chapter of my life. It is going to be a good year!

I hope. It’ll be what ever I make it to be. And I hope it is going to be good.

So here’s to a good 2020! I’ll see you all next year!


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