~languages, linguistics and life~

As my journey of discovering me and all the things that make me, me continues I have reignited that flame inside me that loves languages. And that loves learning languages. All languages. OK maybe not all languages but a lot. I am at least curious about almost all languages.

I am still learning Korean. Slowly but steadily I am making progress. I am trying to build my confidence in speaking which is going to help build my skills too. I just feel weird talking in a language that is not my own. But it is so much fun learning not only the language but also the culture and history of the country. That is a huge benefit to learning the language. And it is so much fun.

I have also started Japanese. This is probably not recommended and I’m sure that people will have opinions about me learning both pretty much at the same time. But really… I don’t care. So far they are distinctive enough and I literally just started Japanese. At the time I am writing this I am still learning Hiragana (it’s the week of Thanksgiving…). It’s only been two days. And I am already obsessed.

But this and talking with a friend made me realize also how much I love language. Just language and learning about languages. Linguistics. I am so fascinated by the study of linguistics. If I could go back to school and redo my undergrad I would be getting my degree in linguistics. God knows what I would do with this degree but I would be so happy.

Photo by Conor Luddy on Unsplash

I honestly think this is what I am passionate about. It something that I get so excited about and want to learn more and just get absorbed in it. If I could spend all my time with it I would. I like talking to people about languages. I like listening to people talk about their experiences with languages.

I do think that eventually I will go back to school to learn more about linguistics and languages in a more official capacity. Let’s call it my five-year goal.

Look at that, I’m setting a goal. Something I am usually very against doing. But this time it feels right. It feels good. I am excited at the prospects of pursuing this endeavor in my life.

I am not going to let life or my mind try and convince me that this is stupid or frivolous for me to pursue or be passionate about. It makes me happy and I truly enjoy it. So why not indulge? Why not learn and be happy?

I struggled for a while on what I thought my passion should be. And the honest truth is your passion can be anything. It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to be the thing that makes you money. It just needs to make you happy and light up your eyes.

Mine, I think, is languages and linguistics. And god it feels so good. So so good to put that out in the universe.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post!

Let me know in the comments if you speak more than one language and about your language learning experiences.


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