~magic of being in a closed library~

One of the biggest perks of working at a library. (By the way, I work in a library for those of you who didn’t know.) Is that when we’re closed for holidays or on Sundays in the summer, circ staff (that’s me) gets to come in to tidy up the books returned during the night. In a quiet, dark and closed library.

I love coming in when it’s closed. There are no people, no noises, no issues to deal with. Yes, I do have work that I have to take care of but that’s the fun part really. I can play music or pull up Netflix on my laptop to play in the background. I can dress casually in jeans and a hoodie, no one cares if I’m not wearing makeup.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

I usually bring my little sister with me and she’ll help. I have her alphabetize the holds on the cart for easy shelving. And it is a nice little couple of hours just for us.

I will be honest… Sometimes there are noises and I have had a few jumpy moments. I am supposed to be the only one in the library, and even when I know that I am the only one in the library, sometimes I hear something that convinces me that I am not actually alone. But I am lol.

Usually, I’ll come in and I will leave the lights off if it is bright enough outside. If I turn them on, people will think we are open and ring the bell insistently. And then they will start to knock on the window. And just be annoying generally.

Photo by Zaini Izzuddin on Unsplash

But when all the lights are off, there is something simply magical about the space. It’s just me and the books. It becomes a space where I don’t feel stress or anxiety. I don’t worry about stupid things. I check in the books and then I put them away. I get to just exist and be.

And it is also fun to walk around and just look at everything. Plus if there was something I wanted to quickly grab I can. There are perks to working in a library and that is only one.

Maybe not all of you can understand what I mean when I say there is magic in a library. Not just a closed one, but in general. It is an amazing and beautiful experience.

It also has been a secret fantasy of mine since I was little to be in a library after hours. It was the unknown, the quiet, the mystery of what happened behind the scenes. And nothing diminished after I started working there either.

My mom still teases that she always knew I would end up working in a library surrounded by books. And as I near my final semester of ‘library’ school… well, I guess she was right.

If you haven’t please go check out your public library. They are a free… Yes, I said a free resource for you. The books are free, the movies are free, the music is free. And most of all other things that they offer are free. USE THEM. This has been a PSA.


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