~visiting a lost love~

When I was younger, I fell in love. It was a intense and deep love. But then life happened, like it does, and I lost that love. Not that I fell out of love with them. Rather that the distance between us grew and we became strangers.

But then life started to plateau in my 20s and that love and I found our way to each other again. And it’s been magical finding that love again. It was like no time or distance had passed.

Did you think I was talking about a person? Cause I wasn’t. Wanna know what I am talking about?

Anime. And manga. hehe

When I was in high school it was 2011/ 2012. And I was in love with reading manga’s and watching anime on line. I read anything that just slightly peaked my interest, watched the anime of the same name. I had lists pages long with names of ones I was interested in and links for the on line versions. Bookmarks saved on my desktop.

These were not something my parents necessarily liked that I was into. So I had to be rather stealth about it. I couldn’t just go out and buy them or check them out from the local library.

But like I said, life happened and I couldn’t indulge like I used to. I had college and homework, and eventually work took up all my time. Maybe every once in a blue moon I would read an update or watch an episode. But not like before.

And then now happened. I have friends who actually read the same ones as I do and don’t look at me funny when I talk about them. I have better resources to access the manga and anime. And when I could, I did start buying the volumes of my most favorites, like Fairy Tail and Ouran High School Host Club. They can be pricey so I really only have a few.

Of course, I rewatched the ones I was in love with from high school. And started new ones or ones I wanted to watch before but couldn’t.

My original favorites are Inuyasha, Black Butler, Fairy Tail, Maid-sama!, Code: Breaker, and Darker than Black to just name a few. And they are still my favorites today. But I have also been able to read new ones like My Hero Academia, and I Hear the Sunspot.

It’s been nice getting back into the anime and manga world. Now it feels a little easier to indulge in these interests of mine.

And I am going to make the distinction to avoid anyone getting upset, but after “rediscovering” anime and manga I also discovered webtoons! And those have been so much fun reading. I read one almost everyday and anxiously await updates for a select few. (Any Lore Olympus fans out there?)

I was only separated from them for few years, but it was long enough. And coming back was not what I expected in the slightest. It’s been great so far and I can’t wait to discover more!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite manga or anime is!

Thanks for reading!


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