BTS, BTS, and BTS (Chicago Part 2)

** Warning: Just need to warn y’all that I am mess writing this and I am not even going to apologize or try and fix it. It will just be. Thank you.**

BTS or 방탄소년단 are just an amazing group of guys who happen to also be very talented and attractive. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. And on May 12th, 2019 I died. Like I died. Basically I was lucky enough to see them perform live, and in person with my friend. And I DIED.

OK, I am ok. I’m good. There was a lot of emotions happening and still happening now thinking about it. Like they aRE REAL. AND CUTE.

I’ll stop with the all caps now I promise.

But for real. That was in my top three shows, the second best because Linkin Park cannot be knocked from first. Even with the rainy and cold weather, it was one of the best shows I have ever been to.

Let’s Talk Merch

So I am willing to spend a decent amount on merch, and I won’t even lie and will fess up right now that I did spend quite a bit of money for a few reasons. One being that this was my only chance to get legitimate merch for BTS and second, I had saved the money for it specifically so screw saving it for something else, I was going to enjoy it. Also I was not going to buy one thing just because it was a lower price, cause I knew I would never wear it.

So I bought some things. One thing I had actually said I wouldn’t buy because I thought the price was too high. And then I saw the actual price and I was a goner. This was the Army Bomb.

Holy shit I bought an Army Bomb. And so did Brittany lol. Probably the best part of the whole merch not gonna lie. IT CHANGES FREAKING COLORS. OMG. So freaking surreal. And you became a part of the show. They are Bluetooth capable so when you connect it to your phone and seat location it changes color according to what they are performing. It was awesome.

Of course, I did get some clothing, I am partial to a hoodie so I did pick one of those up. And maybe I got two…

Venue/ Location

Early the morning of the concert is when we actually got our merch, we decided it would be better to buy it beforehand, one so we had a better chance of getting what we wanted (even though I didn’t lol) and two so we could take it back to our Airbnb and dump it.

Really the only problem I had with this venue was that it was open. It did not have a roof. And it just so happened to be very cold and rainy the day of our concert. So that sucked. But other than that it was actually rather a nice venue. And the staff were actually nice? Like that is a thing? Most people who I have had to interact with at venues act like assholes.

They were playing BTS music videos before the show. We were living for it.

And our seat locations were pretty good. Looking back I think BTS would be the only group I would ever try to maybe get floor seats for next time. I think. I WANNA SEE THEM UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.


AYYYY MY BOYS!!! They were so good. So so freaking good. Like I can’t even think about the concert without tearing up it was a religious experience. My Jiminie popped out of a freaking bubble. A FREAKING BUBBLE. And did the sexiest dance to the sweetest song. I wanted to die.

They opened with Dionysus. Which was perfect. The best. The absolute best ever. Get us hyped and break us at the same time.

Something I was not expecting but really really excited that they did do was perform Outro: Wings. I think this is one of their best songs if I’m honest. I could listen to it on repeat for days and never get tired. Brittany and I constantly complain that it isn’t 20 mins long. It is so so good.

Solos, solos, solos. My Babies

So J Hope had a solo. And killed it. He was so charismatic on stage and incredible. And I could watch him dance all day long.

Look at this freaking ray of sunshine.

And so did Jungkook. This little bean. So adorable. He couldn’t do his little flying thing because of the rain, but nonetheless the performance was still top notch. Expect nothing less from the golden maknae.

And then my Jimin did his solo. BUBBLE. This little fucker in his damn bubble. Killing my ass. Cause I just have the smallest… the largest soft spot for him… He my bias. I can’t even lie. (hehe)

RM performed his solo too. I was… shook by RM’s performance. There is no other way to describe it. He did not come to play and wow.

Followed by V… WHO CAME OUT OF THE FLOOR LAYING ON BED. I thought Brittany was going to have a stroke. This little shit.

And then Suga. Rap god that he is in his satin pj set or what the fuck ever it was. Doing his little dance, being the bias wrecker that he is.

And then closing out the Solos like the boss that he is, Jin. My boy Jin bringing us to tears and god he is such an actor. He was incredible.

They were all incredible. And delectable. Good god I need to be stopped.

Title Medley

Now between all the solos they had the VCR’s hinting at who was coming next and the boys just generally being cute. And they also performed some group songs. One being a title medley of sorts, they performed Dope, Silver Spoon (kill me fuck. This song does things to me), and Fire. In the words of Maria… it was lit.


The Bops

So after the solos, they each did their line songs, so vocal line and then rap line. And The Truth Untold has always made me cry. And they all looked so pretty in their outfits.

ANd then. AnD THEN. Good lord, the rap line in all its infinite glory performed Outro: Tear and good lorddd. HOBI. RM. SUGA. Came for the freaking jugular. HOBI WAS IN A HARNESS. I GOT MY HARNESS. hehe

But really. I was the most excited about Anpanman. It is one of my most favorite songs and they had freaking Bouncy things on the stage for it! And they were just jumping around and having a blast, like they do.

V was wearing an adorable hat and then they were all like playing with each other it was so much fun to watch.

Look at this happy bunny

My Boys 🖤

It is hard to put into words how much this concert meant to me and how much of an impact it had on me. I can speak for myself and say that while right after I was totally on a high, it wasn’t until two days after that it really hit me that I had seen BTS in concert. And that’s when I cried in my bed holding my Chimmy stuffie.

Thank you to Brittany for coming along with me on this journey! It was a blast. Let’s do it again next time they come back!!

If you made it this far, thank you. Thank you for reading through this mess which was basically where my brain was trying to process my emotions. At the very bottom of this post is a Spotify playlist of the concert if you want to check it out.


Setlist Playlist

Here is a playlist I created literally an hour after the show just because I could. It has been on repeat since the concert.

*Note: I may in the future create a photo album of sorts of more pictures and videos from the concert, if anyone would be interested. Or just for myself lol.

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