Chicago Take 2! (Part 1)

Hello again!

If you hadn’t heard I went to Chicago with one of my closest friends a few weeks back now for the BTS concert and woo. What a trip. I am breaking this up into two parts so the concert will have its own post where I will lose my freaking mind just thinking about it again.

If you remember in November of 2018, I went to Chicago for a B.A.P concert. But I went alone and only for two days. This more recent time, I went with my friend and we went for about four days. We decided to make a trip out of it and enjoy our time off of work.

It was also my friends first time on a train, in an airbnb and visiting Chicago. So it was only right that we took advantage of our time away.

Train Ride

Going to Chicago on the train was long. I get it, it is a long ass ride. But I will never, never ever drive to Chicago. It is just not worth the hassle or stress. Chicago drivers are scary. Chicago traffic is scary. Ugh.

The train ride there was actually better than the first time I rode there. It was not as bumpy and since it was cloudy pretty much the entire way, we didn’t have the sun streaming into our eyes the entire time like the first time.

However, it was a completely full train. Not an empty seat anywhere to be found. thank god we were with each other cause it could have been so awkward lol.

Now coming home was a whole other story. I think it was a combination of wanting to be in our own spaces and finally coming to the realization that we got to see BTS in concert, Brittany and I were just ready to be home and off that fucking train. It sucked lol.

While we were in the lounge waiting to come home there were pigeons in there!


Our Airbnb… oh our Airbnb. Well, the location and the food options around it more than made up for it I guess. It wasn’t as if I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when we booked it. But I was still disappointed I guess. It didn’t have wifi and I could have sworn that it said it would. And then it was right next to a comedy club and above a bar. So we really didn’t sleep that well.

Food… Stuffing Our Faces

But it was right above a little Korean place called Rice N Bread. I can not recommend this place enough. If you ever get the chance, seriously go check it out. You will not regret it at all. I promise. The couple that ran it were so adorable and on our last night when we were getting dinner they very kindly gave us some free fried mandu, which is just friend dumplings. THEY WERE SO GOOD. I LOVE DUMPLINGS. (Caitlyn this is all your fault.)

Oh oh! And then the Pick Me Up Cafe was right like across the street from us. Holy Shit. Just Holy Shit. We got breakfast from there and the mocha was the SIZE OF MY FACE. And the food. omg omg omg. I loved the food so much. I had something called a Ham Scram and hot shit it was divine.

We did get a Chicago deep dish pizza. I didn’t have the chance the last time so we for sure did it this time. I was so happy. I had been craving a pizza for a while and it was so so good. Lol we got one that said it was a serving for one person and between the two of us it, we couldn’t even finish it. I am really glad we didn’t get a larger size.

We also went to this really amazing thai place and I got Dumpling noodles… I clearly love my dumplings. And it came with the best crab rangoon I have ever had. The food in Chicago is just incredible. Absolutely divine.

Dumpling Noodles. I think my new favorite dish from Noodles in the Pot.

Water Front and Exploring the Parks

Since getting a car was kinda expensive, we walked as much as we could to different places. That Sunday morning after buying our merch we walked around and explored for a little while. There were a lot of little parks that we explored and then we found this huge ass fountain that I didn’t bother finding out the name of.

OH! I also found this really cute little lotus flower thing that I totally brought home and hung in my car.

And of course, we went to the Bean which is not called the Bean? But it is? IDK I got confused but we found it and took some pictures. And we went inside? underneath? IDK THIS THING IS CONFUSING. But totally worth it.


What a freaking trip. It was magically. A total fantasy trip. Had some incredible food, got to see some incredible views (including the boys) and listened to some insanely good music.


Remember this is only part 1! Part two comes out next week! It is all about the concert!

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