Exciting Things are Happening~

Well hello!

I’ve got lots of exciting events and projects happening behind the scene right now and I can’t wait to share them with you! Here is just a sneak peek at what I have going on!

First in May, my friend and I are travelling to Chicago to see BTS perform in concert. And let me just say… we are very, very excited. Expect a whole post (maybe two) on our trip.

Then in June, two of my very close friends and I are launching a podcast! It’s titled ‘The WanderLost’ and I will share more details about this when it comes closer.

And finally… I am opening a shop! I have decided to sell some of my woven pieces (that I have had squirreled away for ages now) here! It is not open just yet as I am still working out some of the details and prices and all that. But when it goes live expect another post and announcement with more details!

I have also been working on some new book reviews, trying to get back to what I love (reading). And to make sure I am putting out new posts more regularly…

And I think that is it for now I think. Oh! I am starting one of two summer classes this week too. It’s going to be a really busy summer/ year for me.


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