Getting Real About Learning A New Language~

안녕하세요 여러분!

Hello everyone! How are you doing? Today I wanted to do a post on where I am at with my Korean Language Learning. And get honest about the process and struggle. I am getting close to finishing my winter semester so life has been really busy with papers and my two jobs. And I had tried, at the beginning of the year, to create a sort of syllabus to help me stay on track and make progress. I found that this really helped me organize and break down my learning into reasonable chunks. I got this idea from Lili Does Critical Languages in her Self Study Guide post.

Now I’ll admit I was a little too ambitious with what I wanted to accomplish in the time frame available. So I had to tweak my ‘syllabus’ a few times. And I’ll be honest again I didn’t actually meet my goals. I hit a bit of a rough patch with my school and work so I just put everything on the back burner that didn’t require my immediate attention. And that meant my language learning.

The Hard and Obvious Truth::

It kind of hit me hard that I wasn’t able to do want I wanted to do. One, because I suck at time management and planning well. Two, because I kept losing motivation. And three, learning a language is hard.

Life also got in the way, let’s be fair.

Even if you are in love with the language and the culture and the history. It is not an easy feat. That certainly does help, but it doesn’t make it easy as pie. And it isn’t like I didn’t have the resources to accomplish these goals. I have so many resources saved and favorited to help teach me Korean but I just couldn’t keep up on it. I felt disappointed in myself for not following through on something I really wanted for myself.

The Realization::

From this huge disappointment, I had the realization that shit happens. That as long as I keep trying, that it’s not the end of the world if I can’t teach myself a language in a shortish period of time. That it is going to take hours upon hours of studying and dedication to learn a language. (Which I knew, but didn’t accept. I’m a dreamer…)

I am not giving up. I have always wanted to know another language. I will learn another language (hopefully it will be Korean). Eventually. One day.

And then maybe one day I can learn another language like French or Japanese.

There is something beautiful about learning languages. Cause you inevitably learn about their histories and cultures. I really love learning about the history of other places. It opens you up to whole new worlds to explore.

It doesn’t need to be intense. And it doesn’t need to be hard or stressful. Make it fun! Get your friends involved. Enjoy it.

So if you’ve been contemplating learning another language for whatever reason, or if you’ve been trying to learn another language here is that little sign you might have been waiting for to pick it back up and get back to work learning that new language.

Speak more than one language? Or interested in learning another language? Tell me down below! I wanna know!!


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