A Few of My Favorite Things~ Beauty Routine Edition

Recently I have started to try and do more self-care in the form of creating a beauty routine for myself. This is a very basic routine, cause I am a total noob when it comes to beauty and makeup and all that. But I knew I needed to come up with something as my skin was starting to suffer. Badly.

I have always had relatively decent skin, but when I get stressed or eat too much salty food (which is my weakness) I tend to break out. And I was just starting to feel gross. I’m nearly 24. I need to have a decent, basic beauty routine for myself. So I did me some Pinterest searching (cause that’s where I go for pretty much anything) and came up with a pretty basic routine to follow.

The Routine::

I usually start with a makeup wipe to get rid of my eye makeup. I know most cleansers are supposed to do that but I have pretty sensitive eyes so I try to not irritate them if I can help it. After this, I go for one of my oil cleansers to help clean my skin.

When I am really feeling it I do use a foaming cleanser after. I have one from esfolio called Egg Cleansing Foam that I am just in love with. I got an egg foaming cleanser in an Ipsy bag and I just loved how soft my skin felt after using it so when that one ran out I went and got another one to try.

Following that, I use a Soothing &Moisturizing toner from beautySkin Cosmetics to help balance my ‘Ph levels’. I never ever used toners until this year. Everyone recommends them so I totally jumped on that bandwagon.

Last but not least, (cause like I said this is a basic and simple routine) is my moisturizer. I have this ‘blissful daily moisturiser’ from Organic Surge Daily Care that I love using. It goes on really light and doesn’t leave a like residue feeling behind. I never really liked using lotions because they always felt too heavy to me and I hated that. But this one is perfect for my picky ass.

The Products::

I did buy some new things, mainly because I had nothing. Literally nothing but makeup wipes which are only good up to a certain point. So off I went picking up a few essentials everyone recommends you have. Like a cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and so on. A few of the routines I looked had had two different types of cleansers, water or oil based one and then a foaming one. I did end up getting one of each just to see which one I was going to like better in the long run. Still deciding on that…

  • Cleansers:
    • My current two favorite cleansers I go back and forth using most days.
    • Banila Co’s Clean it Zero
    • Esfolio’s Egg Cleansing Foam
  • Moisturizer:
    • This picky person found the moisturizer of her dreams! It’s so light and doesn’t like, sit on my face.
    • Organic Surge Daily Care’s Blissful Daily Moisturiser
  • Toner:
    • Like I said earlier I never used toners before, but I have to admit I have noticed a difference since I started using this one.
    • Beauty Skins Cosmetics Aloe Vera 90% Soothing & Moisturizing toner
  • Face Masks:
    • I love using mud masks. They are definitely my favorite to use.
    • Innisfree’s Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
    • Skin Food’s Black Sugar Mask Wash off
Both the sheet mask and Skin food were gifts from one of besties!!

So here it is! A way long overdue favorites post!!

What are some of your favorite beauty products? Let me know down below!


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