Grad School Issues

Hello my dears,

How are you today? So, I am finally nearing the end of my grad school journey and I couldn’t be more excited. It has been a long and difficult journey and I cannot wait for it to be over.

I feel like that sounds maybe a little negative, and this post’s title might also make it sound negative too but I did have a good time in this program. It wasn’t this grand horrible and crap experience. Sure, some aspects sucked and I wanted to talk about them, but I don’t regret going and furthering my education.

For those of you who don’t know, I received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology in the spring of 2017. And in that following fall semester I started my graduate program for Library and Information Sciences with a focus in Archival Administration. I am looking to graduate in the Fall of this year 2019. Now before anyone gets stuck on it, yes this is a degree a person needs to become a librarian. I am not really looking to becoming a librarian after graduation, but I won’t discount it. And yes, you do need a masters degree to become a librarian.


In that time I have come to regret some of my decisions. A main one being picking the program I am in. I feel like I settled for the program I am in for mainly financial reasons instead of taking a larger loan out and going to the school of my dreams. In the long run I know I won’t regret it as much as I do in this moment but ya know… Thoughts.

Financially I know I made the right choice. And it’s not like I am not getting a good quality education that is worth every penny I have spent. But this program doesn’t offer me what my dream school did. I also feel very petty because of that reason… It is what it is.

However, I am nearly finished and the colleagues I have met and sort of will call close acquaintances or friends more than make up for all my issues with grad school.

This is Grad School right?

One the biggest complaints I have and similar to things I have heard from others in my same program is that sometimes we are given like the most stupid assignments ever. I swear to god. Like busy work for a 10th grader. I went into the program expecting to be pushed and challenged extensively. And yes, oh freaking hell yes have I been challenged. Pushed to the point of exhaustion and breaking points. But I still get assignments that that I feel almost insulted about.

You might be thinking that I should treat them like a nice little break from hell, but when the professor makes passive aggressive comment about how well we should do on them and gives them high points but then fails everyone… I get a little mad.

Let’s Talk About It

And holy f. don’t get me started on the discussion posts. Those Mofo’s are the stupidest things I have ever seen. They want us to discuss but then we can’t because they are expecting an essay length response plus multiple reply’s. But I never have any really amazing discussions that way. I have had better conversations with classmates when we’ve reached out to each other for help or clarification on something.

I am totally cool with a professor giving us a topic or question to guide the discussion but the expectation to respond to 4+ questions in depth within a week span on 5+ articles 15 pages and up… give me a break. Please. Someone give me a break. I need one.

Just to clarify something here, I am on a fully online masters program. So yes, I would argue that a discussion of some sort is needed. It is really the best way to meet others and make some connections to reach out to when issues come up or when you have to do a dreaded group project.

We don’t see each other face to face, so I am not 100% opposed to a group discussion, but I feel that they could be structured better.

Papers and Assignments and Projects Oh My!

So, you would think, that after teaching a certain course for… any length of time that a person would have created a rubric for assignments or papers. Or some sort of outline for said assignments or papers.

Some of my professor where incredible and either had a decent, standard rubric, or like extremely detailed ones that were amazing. But within these last like 2 semesters my professors have been so incredibly complicated. No rubrics, no outlines. Nothing. So we’re stuck constantly asking for clarification on things that we should have to but we have to cause all they put was “2000 word min, 8 scholarly sources, blah, blah, blah”… It gets old realllll fast.

Oh! And the organization sometimes I swear… Ooof. Maybe I am really just venting about a few specific people but hot damn man…

On the Flip Side…

However, after every complaint. After every issues. I am having a pretty decent grad school experience. I am studying in the field of my dreams, which I realize makes me a really lucky person. And financially, I am not spending nearly as much as I could have. And because my parents also put away money for me for school starting at a young age that also helped me out financially.

And hopefully in the coming fall semester I’ll be doing my internship/ practicum at an archive and I am so excited about that. Nervous, but excited.

So yeah, I am annoyed. But I’ll get over it. And I will never be happier then I will be when I graduate with my degree. It’s so far been a wild and incredible experience for me and I am so happy to be nearly done. 

What have been some of your college issues, grad school or otherwise? Tell me your stories in the comments below!


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