Agatha Christie: One Hundred Years of Mystery Revisited~ January 2019 Update

Well, nearly 100 years. It’ll be 100 years since the publication of her first book The Mysterious Affair at Styles next year!!

Hello again! It’s been a a little while since my last post and I thought that an update was due.

(Most) Recently Finished:

The Harlequin Tea Set~ A collection of nine short stories that also features a Poirot story, The Mystery of the Spanish Chest  and. I think my favorite from this collection was either Manx Gold or Within a Wall. I found the latter one to be something just a little different than I am used to with Christie’s work but still maintaining common themes shared with her other work.

Manx Gold centered on a treasure hunt set up after the passing of a distant relative for two young people to find a huge family treasure. It does feature a murder and interesting clues related to the treasure hunt and I just thoroughly enjoyed this one.

The Mystery of the Spanish Chest has previously been adapted to the screen and I had seen that before reading this story.

Recently Listened To:

I recently ventured into audio books. I never seemed to be able to listen to them without getting bored before but I wanted to try again. And what better way to do that then with my favorite author. So I chose to listen to Nemesis (which is one of my favorite Marple stories) and Death comes as the End. I have finished Nemesis and am also close to finishing And Then There Were None on my phone.

I guess I started with two I had already read because I wanted to see if my dislike of audio books was more because of format rather than me just not liking the books.

I do have to say that I have found audio books to be a good background noise for me. Especially with ones that I have already read. I did enjoy these audio books and will be looking forward to others in the future.

Currently Reading:

Right now I am just finishing the audio version of And Then There Were None and Death comes as the End. I have been wanting to read The Secrets of Chimneys but it is still sitting on my self.

What I bought:

The Library I work at had a used book sale so of course I went and picked through their Christie section. And I may have gone a little overboard. But seriously… who is gonna pass up .50 cent Agatha Christie’s. I sure wasn’t. So here is a list of what I picked up.

One or two I had under a different title. I’m not sure what I want to do with the duplicates… Part of me wants to keep them, the other get rid of them. Any thoughts?

What is next?:

So, I really want to read more this year. It is a great way to decompress and relax and I love it and want to do more of what I love. There is another book sale coming up and I may pass this one up. I don’t know.

I am going to keep up with some Christie audio books and use them when I am doing busy work. And maybe I’ll finally… finally read The Secret of Chimneys.


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