A Few of My Favorite Things~ Youtuber Edition

Hello! For this edition of A Few of My Favorite Things I thought I’d talk about some of my favorite YouTube channels currently. I do love watching YouTube videos and finding new content when I can. I go through these spurts of having YouTube playing in the background everyday to not having watched a video in forever. Most of these I found just through recommendations from other videos and then just fell down that rabbit hole of watching everything available.  I wanted to try and sort them in a broad-ish theme but I failed at that. Enjoy~ 

These are my current obsessions: 

  • Zoella~ I adore Zoe’s videos, especially her vlogs. She is so real and honest and I just love her content. She is a UK youtuber with her own lifestyle company and she is also an author on the side. How bad is it if I say that I just really like the aesthetic she has. She focuses on the simplicity in life but with touches of class and a little glam thrown in. I look up to her work ethic and her honesty about mental health. 
  • 수린 suzlnne~ I definitely jumped on the study with me video obsession this past semester. I found them to be very motivational (even if I wasn’t working while watching them) as well as really calming and relaxing. Suzlnne uploads mostly study with me vlogs with different settings, noise (in the background), and some vlogs as well. They are very simple videos, nothing extravagant or over the top. Just simple study vlogs to keep you company in the background. Which I find really appealing.
  • Lavendaire~ This is a recent find for me. It is another one of those where I really like the aesthetic Aileen creates. It’s a lot of self discovery and revitalizing your life to suit you in the best possible way. And I think I found her YouTube at the perfect time in my life where I was looking for a way to make over my lifestyle if you will. I needed a change, I knew I needed to make a change in my life and her content pushes me to make the changes I need. 
  • 아내의 식탁 Wife’s Cuisine~ Alright, I like food. And I really like food videos. And this YouTube channel does amazing food videos. Like really aesthetically pleasing and total ASMR too. I never really liked ASMR videos. Then I found food cooking/making ASMR videos and wowowowow. I get the appeal now.  
  • Natalia Garza~ So, I’ve talked about Natalia in a previous post (you can find it here) and how much I adore her videos and content. She does a lot for language learning and some vlogs from her travels as well. She is one of the reasons why I started to pursue Korean more seriously.
  • 꿀키honeykki~ Honeykki is another channel with great cooking ASMR videos. And she does what she eats in a day vlogs which are a lot of fun to watch. One con from watching these food videos is that they make you hungry. But that isn’t always a bad thing. It makes me want to experiment and cook more than I do now. 

I like the ‘quiet’ aspect of some of these channels. Every once in awhile you need a break from the loudness of the world around you and these are great for that. And these are what I am currently obsessed with while I am writing this, not including the channels for the musicians I listen to. Cause I listen to a lot of music. 


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