How I Organize My Bullet Journal

I have been using a bullet journal for just over a year now and I have finally found spreads and layouts that help me stay organized and on top of all my coursework and everything else. My spreads are not as pretty or as detailed as most peoples are but they work for me and that is fundamentally what bullet journaling is all about, isn’t it? So, today I wanted to share with you what spreads I use and how I organize my bullet journal.

I do usually use the same spreads for each month, the only difference being when I am in school versus when I am not in school. And even then there are very little changes.

The Basics:

  • The Index: This one should be obvious. It’s in the front of my journal. And I am kinda bad at filling it out consistently. I usually just go back after a few weeks and then catch up.
  • A Key: So I have a key written out on an index card… somewhere… I don’t really use it cause I just really use little circles and squares, depending on if it is a to do or if it is a work or appointment thing.
Just Wherever:
  • Favorites page: This is literally just a two-page spread that has photos of all my favorite things and one or two little reminders to help me out when I am feeling especially stressed or sad and need a pick me up. They act a reminder of the good memories or silly things that put a smile on my face. I have been wanting to make a new Favorites page spread for a while so that will be made soon for the new year.
Can you tell that I really like Kpop? Lol I have pictures of my bias for my favorite groups…
  • Goals Page: This is something new for me. I am not really the best at setting goals for myself but I have been trying to set them, especially for my language learning. And this spread is for the new year and I guess a sort of resolution page for me too.
  • Random Notes: I sometimes like to just jot out or if I have a something I want to keep track of I’ll just open to a new two-page spread and lay it all out.
Here is where I wrote out all the Korean language learning resources I had found, in an attempt to get a handle on what I had and what I wanted to use. I was also trying to create some sort of schedule.
For when I am in school:
  • Monthly Assignment List: I really like having a list of when all my assignments are due or when I have exams. So this layout has been a constant for every month. I had tried using like a calendar month spread but it was too much work to draw out and didn’t work for me. But having it in one long list and color coding the courses really helps me keep track of when I need to start and finish assignments.
I do try to color coordinate my courses that way I can just write the name of the assignment but I don’t always use the same colors for each month.
  • Weekly To-Do Lists: I really like to be able to see everything going on for that week on one spread so usually on the left side page is where I have all my Weekly to do lists and so on. These are my: need to dos, need to start, my work schedule, and my school schedule. Working two jobs requires me to stay on top of making sure I know when I am scheduled where.

  • Daily To-Do Lists: On the right side page is where I lay out my day by day daily to-do lists. I try to keep my work shifts at the top and then write out what I want to accomplish for that day underneath.

When I am out of school:
  • Weekly’s: Basically the same as when I am in school, except instead of paper deadlines, I have laundry deadlines… And it only has my work schedules and things I want to try and get done within the week. I keep trying to maintain a habit tracker but I suck at habits lololol…
This is the week following the finish of the semester and as you can see I had a lot to do but no energy to do much. Little by little I’ll get it done.
  • To-do Lists: If you haven’t caught on, I really like making lists. So usually I make a long ugly to do list with everything I want to try and get done on a separate pad of paper and then I will take things from that list and try and accomplish them throughout the week by adding them into that weeks day to day layout.

Like I said, there is not much difference from when I am in school to when I am not in school. It’s just less due dates for papers and more clean off my bookshelves, write a crap ton of blog posts in one sitting, and so on.  I really love the creativity and freedom that comes with bullet journaling and how I can make it my own.

If you have been considering bullet journaling, I recommend starting out simple but be adventurousness, try out different ideas to find what works best for you. If you like the really detailed and pretty spreads, use them. If you just like dots and grid, use that instead. Just be you.



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