A Few of my Favorite Things~ Online Course Edition


I’ve just finished my third semester of being completely online for my graduate program and I sort of have a love-hate relationship with them. I like the flexibility, and I hate the flexibility. That kind of love-hate, if you know what I mean.  But! I have found some incredible resources that make my life just a smidge easier dealing with them.

I am not the most well-organized student, but I try. This list doesn’t include only online features but rather what I have found helps me keep track and stay on top of my coursework. Working two jobs and a full course load means that I do need to stay on top of what I have going on. So, without further ado, here we go!


  • Printables~ EmmaStudies.com Oh my freaking god, I adore this woman and her site. She provides so much useful and wonderful, not to mention FREE resources to help people keep organized and on track. She does have some printables that are available for purchase on her Etsy, which are worth it in my opinion. Yes, I have purchased one or two documents and I love them. She also puts out free desktop and phone backgrounds to download, every month! She is a literal angel. 
  • Binders w/ dividers~ Really really simple to use and help stay organized. I have a divider for each course and in there, I keep copies of the syllabus, assignment rubrics, and other notes. 
  • Planner/Bullet Journal~ Sort of an obvious one for most, but I think it depends on how you utilize it and make it your own that really helps out.

Research Papers: For my courses, I have to do a lot of reading and since I have been trying to not print them all off to read, I needed a different way o keep track of notes and potential quotes for papers.  These two are similar but have some little differences.

  • Mendeley~ This one is the first one I have ever used. I started using it about 3 or 4 years ago in my undergrad years. I do like its interface and you can download a version for your desktop too. But it doesn’t always convert your documents so that you can highlight or add a note to the exact area you want. 
  • DocHub~ This one is a more recent find for me. I found it through Google Docs. And this one has so far has converted each document so I can highlight and add notes. The highlighting feature is a little tricky to figure out but there are two options to choose from.  

Notes: Mostly for my discussions posts, I like to keep track of my notes as I am reading documents online. 

  • OneNote~ I get Microsoft office through my school and I use OneNote to organize my discussion responses mostly and other assignments. It’s nice cause I can access it anywhere, so I can work on it at work in my spare time. I love the page features and how easy it is to organize it all. 

Group Work: 

  • Google Docs~ This one has been so helpful when working on group projects. Which you wouldn’t think are that common in online courses but almost every course I’ve been in has had one or two group projects (I hate group projects). The collaborative edit feature and the chat features are really useful when working on the finishing touches to a paper. 

So here we go! Just a few of my favorite things to help me out in my online courses. Hopefully, some of these might help you out in your studies. And if you have any suggestions or tips for me, I would love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below! 



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