The Last Time I Lied ~Riley Sager

*May contain spoilers*

Something happened that fateful night at Camp Nightingale, Emma Davis doesn’t want to remember. But 15 years later, she is forced to face the truth and find out what truly happened. But can she face it head on or will it get to her first?

Last year I read Final Girls by Riley Sager. My first dip into the horror/thriller genre. I was hesitant, as I am not the biggest fan of anything scary or horror related. I was not disappointed in the slightest. I read it in two days, it kept me entranced.

So clearly when I heard he had another novel coming out, I knew I needed to read it. I had to wait nearly 3 months for it at my library. I was initially 12th on the hold list. And then I read it in about a week, it was so good. Work and school were the only things preventing me from reading it in one sitting.

Sager has the ability to make his writing to come alive. I felt as if I was with Emma her entire journey. From the first art show to hiking through the woods. His descriptions are never overdone or seem like just a bit of filler. And the flashbacks weaved throughout only enhance and help build up to the climax.

But it’s not until the last that the final twist is revealed and the truth will out.

All started with two truths and a lie. This story shows just how powerful the truth can be.



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