A Little Vacation

It was just a little trip. Just three nights, four days. But it was bloody perfect and very much needed.

Trying to match time off with someone else can be a pain in the ass but getting a much-needed escape with your best friend overrules all. And we managed to make it work. We decided to meet up in Portland, Maine for a little best friend trip. To escape the worries of our lives back home. Mine being school about to start again and work picking up. Her’s being work stress mostly.

I managed to fly out that week’s Thursday evening and got all tucked in and cozied up in the Airbnb we booked before Caitlyn drove up that night. It was in a perfect location with a view of the water from the living room window.

20180726_175210 (2)
View from our Airbnb

We had sort of planned out what we were going to try and do when she was visiting for the Harry Styles concert in June. It mainly revolved around food. We literally had a list of just coffee shops and restaurants we wanted to try. Gosh, I love food.

We also knew that we had to go to the Portland Museum of Art. I mean we are both massive art lovers. So why wouldn’t we stop in and fall in love with some art?

I was completely entranced by their collection. I found a new favorite piece and I still can’t say exactly why, but I just love it. The first night I was there, I explored the neighborhood we were staying in. I was enthralled with the architecture there. A not so well known interest of my is architecture, and I do love a good east coast style house. And some felt like way out there and I loved it. And there were quite a few surprise ones as well.

One amazing thing we got to experience was the water. we went to two different beaches and each was drastically different. Early Saturday morning we headed to East End Beach to do a bit of exploring before taking the ferry across to Peaks Island. And as one does when their best friend has a habit of trying to find the highest point, you take lots of photos of them roaming around.

And you take some of the water. Cause it is peaceful and calming. And that is why we are here. To relax and enjoy ourselves. Even though I was dying cause I was stupid and wore all black.

Arriving on Peaks Island, we did what we do best and wandered around like lost puppies trying to figure out which way we should go. But we found an amazing little beach and spent a solid hour or so there just enjoying it all.

When you really enjoy yourself you forget everything and don’t take any photos. One of Caitlyn and I’s main objectives for this trip was to explore the used bookstores in downtown. We found three that we were interested in visiting and so it was dubbed the ‘Bookshoppe Tour!’ I captured this tour on my Snapchat and Instagram stories (cause I’m basic).

I found some really great Agatha Christie’s to add to my collection and one Korean-English Dictionary. If you are ever in the area I seriously recommend visiting at least one of these amazing places. Here is a fun story for you. Caitlyn and I went to visit the Portland Observatory early Saturday morning. We got there right when it opened and opted to skip the tour and just go straight to the top. And when I say that I mean we basically sprinted to the top. Lots of stairs. Lots of f’ing stairs. But it was well worth it. We basically got a private talk with the lady tucked up at the top and it was amazing. The view was incredible.

It was a wonderful trip. An amazing experience. I can’t wait to take another trip and just explore. Thanks to my best friend for sharing this experience with me. Sharing all the absurdly early mornings and wondering why the hell we couldn’t sleep in. Sitting and talking with Netflix playing in the background. A nice relaxing trip for us both to just unwind and enjoy life.

Photo by: Caitlyn S




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