Well hello…

Long time no see! How are all of you doing? Some major things have been happening in my life lately and I finally have been able to sit down and write it all out. 

First off, I have started my second year of grad school. And I have managed to stay on top of what I need to do without falling behind in the first week. I was really stressed at the beginning because this semester is going to be really difficult for me time wise. 

I am now working two part-time jobs seven days a week. And taking a full load of graduate level courses. But I am determined to make it work. As nerve wracking as it is for me to think about it, I still get excited and kinda proud thinking about the fact that I am working nearly 40 hours a week on top of school. I know for quite a few people 40 hours isn’t really that much but for me its a lot. 

I was given a great opportunity to start working in a library a few months ago now and I have never been so happy. I love the atmosphere and the people and so far it’s been great. At first, I wouldn’t check out items because I felt guilty for all the unread books I had at home. But… after I checked out one, I check out like 6 more. It is a bit addicting I have to admit. 

I have been really absent, dealing with a few things that stopped me from writing up some new posts to share. But I have some pieces I am working on and now that I have a handle on my schedule I should be able to make time to write. 

Posts like, my recent trip to Portland, Maine; what I’ve read recently; some baking I tried and a few others I have thought up. I am really excited to get back to writing and enjoying the little things in life. Maybe I’ll write up a post about that. 

Thanks for sticking around! 

I’ll see you around


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