Finding… My Perfect Combo

Which is also my favorite outfit… currently.

Growing up I was never really into clothes or fashion. I was a serious tomboy. It may also have to do with the fact that my biological father wanted a son but got a daughter instead. So, it was jeans and tennis shoes instead of tutus and dresses growing up. And later I rebelled against the idea that just because I was a girl I had to like pink or that I had to dress ‘girly’ in skirts and ‘pretty’ clothes. My poor mother, I was such a pain in her ass when it came to clothes.

To this day I will gladly pick a hoodie and jeans over anything else but I have also grown to appreciate fashion and want to dress a little nicer than before. This is really due to a few different things. I recently lost a lot of weight and like how I look now. It gave me the confidence I never had before to try something that didn’t hide my body but instead showed off what I accomplished. I also think that in my final two years of my undergrad program I matured (I still hate adulting) and my tastes in things have changed so much from the time I was a teenager and younger.

I still refuse to wear khaki pants (hate them with a passion). I still avoid pink almost all the time. And I still don’t wear skirts or dresses, even occasionally. Maybe I haven’t changed that much when it comes to fashion, BUT I am more willing to admit that I like dresses and ‘girly’ looking clothing. I just don’t want to wear it. That has to count for something. Right?

So you can imagine that finding my perfect combo and in turn, my favorite outfit was a long ass journey. I just turned 23 a few weeks ago. And I just found an outfit that I want to wear every day just because I feel so confident and good in it. It was kind of a turning point for me really. I put on that outfit and I stand taller than before. I smile more. I feel so freaking happy when I am in that outfit. It is ridiculous how much power clothes have over us. But I bow down to its ability to make me feel good.

I can not explain what it is about this combination of black skinny jeans and white converse, but I never feel as good as I do when I wear them together. Maybe it’s the contrast of the black and white simply. Or maybe it’s… Yeah no, it’s simply the contrast between black and white. I think. I don’t know, let’s just not make it too complicated. It is a nice look.

But here is my dilemma… the weather where I am it is as temperamental as a hormonal teenager. Up and down and backward’s at the best of times. So I really didn’t get to enjoy my fav outfit before it kinda got too hot to wear black pants. And when I started this post it was perfect spring sweater weather. And now it’s in the 80’s and I’m pissed about it. (Sorry for the random rant about the weather, I just hate it… Back to the regularly scheduled program!)


What’s your favorite combo to wear? Is it a jacket with a specific pair of shoes? Or a shirt and pants combo? If you like it and could wear it like every day I say claim it and own it. It’s yours. If it gives you the confidence and good vibes you need to make it through the day, wear it.

I am by no means a style expert or fashionista. I just know what I like and what I think looks good. But I hope you enjoyed this post. It was a lot of fun writing it and planning it. And I am excited to start expanding my content and let me just say… something fun is coming soon and I’m so excited and ooh it’s gonna be so good.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought and tell me what your favorite combo is


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