Let’s talk about dreams. The dreams that we have a habit of keeping to ourselves. The kind we wish to come true as we blow out the candles on a birthday cake. The little ones. The big ones.

They are the dreams we never let go of, but never voice. Either out of fear of losing them or self-preservation, we hold them close to our hearts. Our souls.

I love thinking about these dreams. Because thinking about mine makes me smile. It makes my heart happy.

But, just because we don’t voice them aloud doesn’t mean we don’t work towards them. We work on them in the background. Silently working towards our dreams. Making them our reality. Working and striving, pushing ourselves to prove it to no one else besides ourselves that this is something that we can do.

Even when the doubt seeps in and starts to taint out dreams. We never let them go. Because they are our dreams. Even when someone laughs at it, or it might seem impossible, we never let it go.

For some people, the dream is as simple as owning a special make of a car or owning outright a home. Some may dream of owning a bakery or business, others might dream of being a published author.

They are our dreams to make, wish for, and work towards.

Dream Big.


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