Smoke & Mirrors ~ Michael Faudet

Another wonderful collection of poetry, prose, and short stories from one of my favorites. I can never resist talking about his work. I was introduced to his poetry through my best friend when he released his first collection Dirty Pretty Things. And hot damn. I really… really love his work.

Ok ok. Just a warning, I am gonna lose focus at least three times writing this cause his work just makes me excited. I just can’t help it. Ughhh it is just so brilliant. I remember when he announced he had a new book coming out, I immediately texted my best friend about it. Cause I knew she would be just as excited as me for it. I actually bought her his second book for her birthday. We are both massive fans… (If you couldn’t tell.)

Smoke & Mirrors is Michael Faudet’s third collection of poetry, prose and short stories. This one having one very very hot short story that I will not spoil. I will try very hard not to spoil. GO READ THE BOOK.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy his work so much is that while sometimes his poems are obvious and very straightforward, others have a sense of subtlety to them that just appeals to me. I find something so attractive and fun to be subtle in writings. Not necessarily avoiding the topic but more so giving hints and dancing around it. Maybe I like teasing more than I’d like to admit… Damn.

He doesn’t just write about just the pretty side of love or romance. He writes about the heartbreak and the loss that comes with it. And he also writes about the hot bits too (hehe). I am never disappointed by his writing. I can read it over and over again and always find a new hidden gem I missed the previous time.

I love poetry and this collection makes me love it even more.



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