The English Wife ~Lauren Willig

Well shit. I didn’t see that coming.

I am one of those people that always take the cover art into consideration before I pick up a book. I am, I won’t try to deny it. And let me say that this cover, was a huge influence on my choosing it. And the absolutely intriguing summary listed of course. One thing Book of the Month has managed to make me do is leave my comfort zone when picking books and I couldn’t be more thankful. It has given me some really interesting and fantastic reads.

The English Wife weaves a story so deep in mystery and intrigue, it should bog it down and make it unbearable. But Lauren Willig works some magic and we have a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the final reveal. Meet the English wife Annabelle and her doting American husband Bayard. Their love story starts in England where they have an interesting first impression of each other. Annabelle is hiding secrets upon secrets about her past and when Bayard proposes it seems like an almost too good to be a true way for her to escape her past. But Bayard is hiding his own secrets back in the States. And what will happen when Annabelle has to face them head-on on their return.

And the secrets keep coming out. From both sides. I get that times were different back then but communication was still a thing, right? I guess not.

Ok ok but let’s get to something else cause there is some romance in this story. And if you know me you know I kinda am a hopeless romantic with no chance of romance (I felt clever as f*ck after I can up with this so quote me if you use it hehee) so I live through others… Before you go ugh, is it just all about this romance, and no actual plot? IT’S NOT I SWEAR. It is so subtle and light and barely there but there just enough. But I don’t wanna say anymore cause spoilers and I try… I try not to be that person.

Basically what I am saying, what I always say usually is you should read this book if you like historical mysteries with a light splash of romance and something different. Cause this was different. And it was grand. And I’m gonna stop.



ps I’ve been absent, from everything. And there are reasons but they aren’t something I am 100% comfortable with sharing even though I have thought about sharing them. If this is shit I am sorry, I am working on getting back into the swing of things. But I hope you like it :). Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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