The Rules of Magic~ Alice Hoffman

*May Contain Spoilers.

Well. It is hard for me to put into words how much I loved reading this book. I am struggling with how to accurately explain how wonderful and amazing this story was. I don’t know how to put all my thoughts and feelings into coherent thoughts for you to understand. But I want to try because this novel is just that good.

I wonder how many of you have seen the movie Practical Magic? I have seen about three times now and I absolutely love it! But for some reason, I never realized that it was based on a book. I usually do prefer to read the story before watching the films (I don’t do it often tho). So, obviously, when I saw that this prequel story was an option for the November BOTM I knew I needed to read it. I didn’t even hesitate to pick this one.

Hoffman introduces you to three unforgettable characters in Franny, Jet, and Vincent. Three siblings unlike anyone else who slowly learn more about their family’s past than expected over one summer break. Hoffman’s words are magic through and through. This family is magic through and through. I love magic. And this story is full of it. (Have I said magic enough?)

And romance! Magic and romance. What could be better?

Now one thing that some authors do that I have never been the biggest fan of is having over complicated plots by having so many things happening at once. But Hoffman doesn’t have that. Yes, a lot happens in this story. And I do mean a lot. She weaves the plot together in such a way that eliminating any one of them and the story would be lacking something. I fell in love with Franny, Jet, and Vincent.

And I think you will love this story just as much.


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