the sun and her flowers ~ Rupi Kaur

*May Contain Spoilers*

I was so excited when I heard that Rupi Kaur was coming out with a new collection of poetry. I can’t describe how freaking excited I was that she was sharing more of her words with the world. Her first book Milk & Honey was an utter masterpiece and this one was even more enchanting and gives you every emotion. With more illustrations and short stories, this collection does not disappoint.

the sun and her flowers is a collection of poetry about grief, self-abandonment, honoring one’s roots, love, and empowering oneself (taken from the book). She spilt this collection five parts; wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. The life cycle of a flower. This collection has some extremely hard-hitting poems that are so raw and honest you can’t help but stop because it is almost too much.

And I think that is one of the reason’s I love her work so much. It is so honest and raw. It is not sugarcoated, it is not in anyway filtered. It is so fucking relatable it is scary. She writes about immigration and the difficulties they face. She talks about the relationships between a girl and her mother. She writes about falling in love and meeting your soulmate. She writes about loss and heartbreak.

But she writes them in a way that you can’t help but feel something familiar in them. Becuase they felt so much like your own experience.

She has two poems that I wanted to talk about specifically because they personally hit home for me. One is called -introvert it is on page 85. As in introvert (it’s in my tagline for godsakes), it was really nice and kinda made me smile to read a piece talking about that kind of exhaustion I feel daily. It has nothing to do with not enough sleep and everything to do with how many people I have to interact with on a daily basis.

The second poem is titled –the underrated heartache and yes it is about a heartache and yes it is about a loss. But not a romantic loss. It is about the loss of a friend. And I have been though that more than I’d like to admit. And it hurts. Especially when you lose a best friend. And even more when you don’t just lose the friendship, but then they turn on you and they become a bully. And while she writes about how there was nothing for the loss, no ballads, no books, so albums, we now have this poem that recognizes the pain we feel from this loss. We have this beautiful poem that gives us a way to grieve for that loss.

Her work is beautiful, wonderful, sad, and dark. She covers every little part of life, never leaving anything out. I can not recommend her books enough. I am going to list my top pieces from this collection, both poems and some illustrations that I think deserve a special mention.


p. 66

p. 85









***Please, please, please if you do have this wonderful book in your hands, please read the piece in the grey pages at the end. Read everything this book has to offer.***



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