The Three Books That Made Me Cry.

Alright so here’s the thing… I have this thing about crying. I am not the biggest fan of crying. That being said I sometimes cry very easily. And I am totally going to blame them partially on hormones and in the case of this post, really really good fucking writing.

And I have three books here that made me cry on three different levels. Or three different types of cries. These are so far the only books that have managed to make me cry, and I mean full on cry. And in one case full on ugly cry for almost an hour and a half (you’ll find out which one soon). And it was after that one full-on ugly cry that I decided to write this post. Because I want to share my list and hear from you what book made you ugly cry or just cry.

So, here is my list of books that made me cry. In no particular order cause I didn’t think that far ahead. Oh and possible spoilers ahead. Turn around now if you don’t like spoilers.

  • The Fault in our Stars

~Now this one I was totally unprepared for. And I was in public… so ya know… Sitting in the middle of my campus cafeteria reading this book everyone was telling me I had to read and not knowing what was about to happen and then WHAM. I am then trying so hard not to cry in the middle of my campus cafeteria. Just let that resonate inside your head… A PACKED CAMPUS CAFETERIA. As soon as I hit that part and made it through with just a few little tears sneaking thru I was texting my best friend pissed off she didn’t warn me. And at the movie OMG, I was that person in the theater quietly crying.

  • All the Bright Places

~This one is the most recent read. This one broke me. This is the full-on ugly cry one. And even though a few days have passed I am still stuck in that world. I could feel the tears coming because I knew what was about to happen. And then… And then it happened and I just lost it. I actually had to stop reading and get up and cool off and wipe my face because I literally couldn’t see through the tears. This one hurt me so much because I’ve been to that dark place and it just felt so real and it hurt. So full on ugly cry came and went. And then the story was so good I was on a reading high for another hour after I had finished it. (I will be doing a more focused review on this book at a later date.)

  • A Man Called Ove

~Finally we have one that made me cry more than once. But never full on cry. Just silent tears streaming down my face as I made it through the story. The flashbacks to how Ove became… well Ove, was enough to send my tears over the edge. And then the ending, of course, I was sad and the tears just kept coming. Lolz, I am just a mess thinking about it now. Ahhh, my dear Ove. You were a gem, my dear. An absolute gem.

So here it is! My list of three books that made me cry. I want to recommend each and every one to you if they sound just a little interesting to you.

AND PLEASE share with me in the comments below what book(s) have made you cry, on any level.


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