Sourdough~ Robin Sloan


Hello! I’ve been a horrible blogger. I haven’t posted in forever. Even though I told myself that I would. And I didn’t even try. And I think that is even worse. Ugh.

A few months ago I signed up for the Book of the Month subscription service (I finally decided on one.. only took me ages to choose) and started receiving monthly books that I got to pick out. I started to pick books way out of my comfort zone. The first one, Final Girls, was a thriller and I usually do not go for those but I loved it.

And this brings me to now. Last months pick was Sourdough by Robin Sloan. The cover and summary had me hooked. And the author is from Michigan, which is a bonus.  OH, AND IT’S ABOUT BREAD. I love bread. I just can’t eat it. Because I am one of the few people who have a real problem with gluten (I’m not allergic to it but I have a medical disorder that creates a gluten problem for me). And not being able to eat and enjoy bread sucks. But this book makes bread magical. So magical and then Sloan adds another element to the story, technology.

Bread and technology. What the hell do those to have in common? Well, a valid question with no real clear answer. This story infuses technology into the very process of making the bread. And then there is the magic of the starter. If you are confused I will try to explain:

The starter is needed to bake bread. In this case sourdough bread. The main character Lois is given the starter from two brothers with their own mysterious backstory, who tells her to care for the starter and to bake with it. And she starts to bake and bake.

Oh! The technology side is coming soon. Lois is a programmer. She writes code for a robotics company. And she also bakes bread. What could be cooler!?

Enter in an underground farmers market and some really wacky characters that verge on mysterious and then wham…. The unexpected happens. And Lois makes an interesting decision of her own.

But I’m not giving that away. You need to read it for yourself. And seriously I know I say if at the end of every post( the few I do post) but pick this one up the next time you aren’t sure what to read next.

Find it here!


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