When the Moon Was Ours~ Anna-Marie McLemore

*May Contain Spoilers*


It is difficult to know where one should begin with this book. Do I start with the magic woven through the plot? Or the rich cultures we’re given a deeper look at? Or do I begin with the unforgettable main characters Sam and Miel? Featuring a transgender character and another cloaked in utter mystery When the Moon Was Ours takes you on a remarkable journey of young love, magic, and questions of identity and family ties.

I find this book to be beautiful not only in its writing but the story that unfolds. The subtle hints of magic that drive the story forward bring to life the emotions that the characters face and deal with throughout the plot.

Miel is of Latin American descent and through her and her guardian Aracely we learn more about their culture. And the same for Sam or Samir and his mother through the descriptions of food dishes and Aracely’s magic for curing lovesickness. It adds to the magic of the story.

Miel and Sam have been best friends since she was found spilling out of the water tower. The roses that grow from her wrist and the moons Sam painted and hung around town bring them closer together and set them apart from the rest of the town. As they grow up they fall in love and discover each other all over again. But as usual, something gets in the way. The Bonner sisters want Miel’s roses and stop at nothing to get them.

With monumental discoveries to be found Miel and Sam’s story draws you in and in again.

I did find that at some points I struggled to understand what was happening because it is full of prose. But the language is beautiful in its description and its portrayal of this young love. I Just love this book. The magic, the plot, the sudden twists, and revelations. Ugh, I love it, I love it!

So if you are looking for something with a little romance, a little magic, and a little suspense go try this one out!

Let me know in the comments what book you’ve read that you found beautiful and full of magic.


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