TBR Lists

Handy to have. Hard to follow. July was the first month I created a tbr for myself as I was taking part in a photo challenge on my bookstagram @quietbiblio and doing a reading challenge through my local library. I needed a way to keep track of what I needed to read to complete the challenges.


My July tbr


But I did struggle following it. I just constantly found myself changing my mind on what I wanted to read. It became more of what sounded good or what looked like a better read than what I had already chosen. I relied more on instinct when I decided to read something than what was on my list. Or when I bought a new book I just wanted to start reading that one instead of what I was currently reading.

Part of my struggle was over estimating how many books I could read in a month. With work and preparing for school and then going on my trip, I didn’t actually have that much time to read. I was too tired or too stressed to enjoy it. Which really sucked and was bringing me down.

As much as I loved having a sort of guide, or list to work off of for my reading goals I felt like it was becoming more of a job. And I don’t want to make my hobby into a job. But on the other hand, I would love to read more books to review for this blog. It’s something that I have always wanted to do.

So for August, I made myself another tbr list. One with specific goals and no disappointment if I didn’t finish it if I wanted to change out a book or two. Cause I am prone to changing my mind. A lot.


My August tbr


Here’s to my August tbr! Hopefully, I can reach my goals this month and read lots more books!

Do you have a tbr list? 


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