Love & Gelato ~ Jenna Evans Welch


This was one of those purchases I made purely based on the cover art and the title. Followed then by reading the short summary and standing on tip toes waiting for it to arrive.

The book sleeve summary opens with a mysterious and dramatic statement: “I made the wrong choice.” Whose wrong choice? What was the choice? Tell me everything. I stuck in and didn’t come back up for air till I uncovered all the secrets this book had tucked away.

Jenna Evans Welch weaves a story through the streets of Italy; full of life, mysteries, food, and adventure with her main character Lina, an American transplant to the unknown Italy. Troubling events reveal long-kept secrets and a sudden move to Tuscany thrust Lina and the charming neighbor boy Ren to travel Italy through a journal and on a scooter.

I smiled all through this book. It was so cute and adorable, I just feel so deeply in love with Lina and Ren and Howard. How could you not? They were so real. The dialogue, the emotions you felt for the characters and with the characters. It just felt so real to me. It reinstalled a sense of adventure in me and a desire to travel and see what Lina saw.

If you are looking for something sweet with a deep sense of adventure and a hint of romance I highly, highly recommend Love & Gelato.

~What have you read that gave you a sense of adventure?


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