5 Things to Take Advantage at College

davide-cantelli-153517I’m in the final semester of my undergraduate program and recently I have been reflecting on what I wish I would have taken more advantage of than I had. For me, I was usually too anxious or lazy to get out and explore. If you’re about to start college or even if you are already a few years in, here are 5 things to take advantage in college:

  1. Counseling Center- I can’t speak for every university or college out there, but a majority of them offer some sort of counseling service to the students. And especially if it is your first semester away from home I recommend seeking them out if you ever start to feel homesick. I went for a semester when I was struggling and it helped me a lot.
  2. Study Rooms in the Library- If your school’s library offers study rooms use them. Use them all the time. For group projects or just by yourself. Use them whenever you can. Seriously, check them out if you have them. I didn’t start using them until my final semester and I love them. And if they have different size rooms depending on how many people always go for a bigger room. That way you can spread out all your stuff.
  3. Free events and activities- I have gotten to stuff a Pokemon plushie and plant a flower at some of the free events on campus. (It was a Bulbasaur if you’re wondering.) Trust me your school will bombard you with information about free events or things happening.
  4. Clubs- This one is something to help you in the long run. Joining clubs that either has to do with your major or a hobby you enjoy, these will help build your resumes or C.V.s (if you don’t know what those are I touched on them in this post). It will also help you make connections with others and build relationships with new friends.
  5. Office Hours- This is another one to help you in the long run. Getting to know your advisor or professors can help you with many things. Deciding which classes to take, writing letters of recommendations, or being offered opportunities. If you are having problems in class take advantage of those hours and visit their office for help. If you show them that you are serious about the class they are going to take you more seriously and be more likely to help you.

So here are 5 things to take advantage in college. Whether you go and make new friends or of you get ahead on your studying, I hope this post gave you some sort of inspiration and I hope you enjoyed it!


What do you take advantage of at your university?  

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