Hallowe’en Party- Agatha Christie

Happy Halloween!

It’s the best day of the year and for October I thought that it would be fitting to not only post on Halloween but to write about a book based around Halloween. Welcome Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party, starring everyone favorites Belgium detective Hercule Poirot.

Like stated in the title this murder mystery is centered around a Halloween Party when the unfortunate victim is a young girl who made a startling statement earlier in the night. It also features Ariadne Oliver, a writer who occasionally is involved with Poirot’s work. She is a writer herself who has a penchant for eating apples at the oddest times.

While Halloween often brings about those thoughts of horror and mayhem only in an Agatha Christie novel can you really see them brought to life in such a way. The story takes the usual route of after a murder taking place, Poirot is asked to investigate.

In this case their is one interesting piece that makes this story even more intriguing to the readers. It’s is the reason that Mrs. Oliver reached out and asked Poirot to investigate, it is because of a statement made by the victim just earlier in the day before she died. Her statement being “I saw a murder once” (page7). And with that the story starts and I stop.

Being October and Halloween the only appropriate food to eat is obviously is pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread and apple cider. But I wouldn’t argue with a cup of spiced black tea either.




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