“Eat Pray Love” -Elizabeth Gilbert

Within 30 pages of this book I wanted to make some serious life changes and travel to Bali and Italy. I wanted to seriously take up yoga and learn everything I could from a spiritual guru. Elizabeth Gilbert takes you on, not really an adventure but, an experience on what life is really like.

Heartbreak, love, food, new languages, this book covers it all and more. I picked up this book because I knew it was made in to a film and the title itself had always interested me. So I grabbed it and started reading it at the beach with my friend and here we are!

This book was all about starting anew when everything else goes wrong so, with the unbearable high temperatures where I live (anything above 65 degrees is to hot for me) and I have been working four to five days a week I have been obsessed with an unsweetened black tea this month. Iced of course.

And instead of toast I have been munching on some ginger snap cookies my dad picked up for us from Trader Joe’s.


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